How to Accelerate downloads

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Want to Want to know How To Accelerate Downloads? This article I made ​​for my friend who likes to download mp3, download video and other downloads. I also like to download, I recently downloaded the latest episode of bleach, and download movies Indonesia, but Ido not download film bokep, hehe .... ok just read the article .......

Well, for my friend who likes to download mp3, download video, etc., must be verynecessary that his name right speed? Average download speeds are normal inIndonesia, only about 23Kbs, 100Kbs, what if in the cafe, well, below average sampetuh download speeds, especially if warnetnya more crowded visitors, so lazy to do the download?
nah, that's why, my friend needs to read this article carefully, let me stress not a superlong wait for the download it, just apply the way of speed downloads below, could be inuse in the cafe, it could be at home.

-software download "Internet Download Manager", search in google, "IDM 5:18 + crack"
if you want to use anywhere, the result put in the flash download, or install it in a flash

-after install, copy all the files in the crack folder into the folder is installed

-do not update IDM 5:18 to 5.19, because I know 5:19 se does not exist cracknya

-open IDM has installed click "options" then "connection", in "connection type / speed"are replaced by a LAN 10Mbs, and in the "default max. conn. number", in type 16 or the largest numbers.
Now you can download with a maximum speed without having to wait long.
To improve the speed of this download, please read this article How to Speed ​​UpInternet Connection

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Anonim mengatakan...

tetep tergantung ISP nya juga sih.. tapi IDM memang the best!.. nais inpoh

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