How To Approved Google adsense

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How To Receive Google Adsense in fact very much scattered in various blogs, especially blogs Indonesia:) why? because google adsense does not accept blogs thatspeak Indonesian for now. Well, here is an explanation for Tips and How To ReceiveGoogle Adsense on my own experience that has been accepted by google adsense.......
Actually the way for the receipt by google adsense practically easy bother, but there aretips from me and hopefully can make all the hard sobat2 received google adsense.

1.Blogs that will have been registered to google adsense account must speak english.Log in to blogger> settings> formatting> language (replaced by English). Oncecompleted, make 15 posts speak english, 5 postings per day (take hold in theIndonesian language posting pake google translate translate only)

2. Should use. com or if would also be consuming,

3.Sign deh. After that the emails can wait until confirmation from google adsense (usually 2 days to 1 week)

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