make money from blogs using promote burner (adsense ppc / ppm)

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After surfing the DigitalPoint forums, finally see the posting about the new PPC adsense PromoteBurner. Adsense is in addition to paying member (publisher) based on the number of clicks and pay based on impressions (the number of ads to appear).

There are several advantages of the PPC programs / CPM are:
1. Receive all the blogs / websites from around the world
2. Receive a free blog and languages throughout the world
3. publisher revenue statistics updated each hour
4. pay publishers based on the number of clicks on the ads that appear at the same time paying Based number of ads appear.
5. No minimum payout (at the beginning of each month pay) through paypal.

From the observation in member's area (statistics) seen per impression / per show ads, publishers will be paid approximately $ 0.0000026 so when ads appear as many times the 1000 earnings of about $ 0.0026, or if dirupiahkan the 9400 exchange rate, it will be available approximately Rp.24. If in a month can produce 100,000 traffic you will be earning around 24,000 from the impression (not including revenue from the clicks with the commission of about $ 0.0026 / click).

Seeing the count is compared to Adsense PPC Local, then the number is still within reasonable limits. About PromoteBurner scam or not still needs proof, because in the local forums and international still less a discussion of Adsense PPC fresh Promoburner this. But from these forum2 there are some member (publisher) is paid by Promoteburner. Fair coins per month can be made to add the cost of credit to buy the internet, so that blogs can stay updated.

Make friends who are interested in getting coins from the internet, please join the list PromoteBurner can be publisher, or click the banner below, (free registration fee),

After registering, you simply copy an existing ad script in AdCodes, and put it into the gadget html / javascript to your blog. currently only available in two sizes ad space, namely Banner Banner 728x90 and 300x250

Sample ads can be seen below or in the sidebar of my blog


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hadi mengatakan...

Oke sob, linknya sudah saya pasang, thanks ya

bisnis internet mengatakan...

ni tulisan di perjelas jadi gak kellihatan bang.
salam bahagia


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