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Blogrollplease is one of the main website textlinkads service provider (selling links), which can be an alternative for my friends to produce a free dollars. Registration is free and the link assembly process easier and more secure than google robot detection. I say safer, because the process of manually placing a link, if anyone wants to buy links on your blog then you will be contacted by a manager / operations manager blogrollplease (name Kate Warner, "Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." Franz Kafka), well you put the link manually in your blogroll widget. So google will consider as a natural link. Slightly different from the installation textlinkads Ask2Link automatically by using feeds. But even so they risk a penalty from google.

Make friends who are interested can try to bloggrollplease list, the location of the company there is in America, precisely at San Francisco (this according to operations manager by email).

Details of the link price / month based on page rank, can be seen below:

PR Price link / month
0 $ 7.50
1 $ 10.00
2 $ 13.00
3 $ 17.50
4 $ 22.50
5 $ 30.00
6 $ 45.00
7 $ 100.00
8 $ 400.00

yesterday when can oder was also hesitant to install the link, but after visiting a few forums, it seems members are paid so for a while still trial and error. Hopefully not a scam blogrollplease.

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